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Multiple Offers

Question: I have been looking at a particular home for several months. I finally put in an offer and learned that two other buyers made offers at the same time! Now I’m in a multiple offer situation. What can I…

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Tears or Cheers?

Question: Marsha, last week you wrote about multiple offers, and you described how sometimes buyers get caught up in “auction fever” only to regret it later. Well, I recognized myself in that description. I’m in contract on a house I…

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Fixer versus Move-in Ready?

Question: Marsha, my wife and I want to purchase a home in a particular school district. The homes are pricey and pushing our price range. There are some fixer-uppers that come available from time to time. What’s your view on…

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Scams and Shams

Question: Marsha, my elderly mother has owned her home in Santa Barbara for decades.  Ten years ago she took out an equity loan for needed repairs on the house. She’s current with her payments and isn’t struggling. Recently she’s been…

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Walkability-What is it?

Question: Marsha, I keep seeing the term “walkability” on home listings. Can you explain what this means and why it’s important? Answer: Walkability is somewhat of a misnomer. It really refers to all forms of mobility, including walking, jogging, biking,…

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