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Scams and Shams

Question: Marsha, my elderly mother has owned her home in Santa Barbara for decades.  Ten years ago she took out an equity loan for needed repairs on the house. She’s current with her payments and isn’t struggling. Recently she’s been…

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Walkability-What is it?

Question: Marsha, I keep seeing the term “walkability” on home listings. Can you explain what this means and why it’s important? Answer: Walkability is somewhat of a misnomer. It really refers to all forms of mobility, including walking, jogging, biking,…

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How Much Will I Make?

Question: Marsha, I am ready to put my house on the market and I want to know what my proceeds will be from the sale. How do I figure this out? Answer: The easiest way to estimate the proceeds of…

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What is a Condo?

Question: Marsha, I am ready to purchase my first home. In researching values, I realize all I can afford in Santa Barbara is a condominium. How is a condo different than a single family home? What exactly will I be…

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Rent or Purchase?

Question: Marsha, my fiancée and I are discussing housing options in Santa Barbara. We are in our early 30’s and have well-paying jobs. We’re trying to decide whether to rent or purchase a home. Homes seem so expensive. What are…

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