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What is a Signature in Today’s World?

Question: Marsha, I’m currently in a contract to purchase a home in Santa Barbara. The good news is all the paperwork is being signed electronically. The bad news is there is so much of it! Just when I think I’ve…

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Seller: Five Steps to Sold!

Question: Marsha, I am putting my home on the market and I want to sell quickly. I noticed some houses sell in nothing flat while others languish on the market. What can I do to sell in short order, yet…

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Real Open Houses in a Virtual World

Question: Marsha, my home is on the market. My realtor wants to have at least two open houses a month. We make the home immaculate and leave for three hours on a Sunday. I’ve heard mixed opinions as to whether…

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Sow Your Garden and Reap Rewards

Question: Marsha, I’m putting my home on the market in a few months. It’s a beautiful and well maintained home. My realtor insists I spruce up my landscaping to receive maximum value. Is this a necessary expense? Answer: To answer…

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Real Estate 101

Question: Marsha, I am seriously considering getting a real estate license.  Can you give me an idea of what I’m getting into? Answer: Congratulations! You have chosen an interesting, fun and vital career. Real estate moves our economy on many…

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