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Distressed Properties and What Are They?

Question: Marsha, I know the Santa Barbara housing market has rebounded in the last few years and the future is rosier than it was in 2009. Knowing this, I was shocked to learn my neighbors’ home in Goleta is being…

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If it Smells it Won’t Sell

Question: Marsha, We’re getting ready to sell our home.  We’ve been working with our realtor and following her directions. We’ve put a lot of time, energy and money into the preparation. Now she tells us that our pets are causing…

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Do I Need a Pre-Approval From a Lender?

Question: Marsha my real estate agent insists I speak with a lender and get “pre-approved” before he’ll show me any homes. I have the down payment and I’m ready to buy. Why bother with a lender until after I find…

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Selling a Tenant Occupied Home

Question: Marsha, I own a three bedroom two bath house in Santa Barbara. I’ve managed the home myself as a rental for many years. My current tenants are three graduate students who’ve lived there for 18 months. I want to…

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Title Insurance – Never Purchase a Home Without It!

Question: Marsha, I’m buying the home I’ve rented for five years from my friend and landlord. It’s an off-market, all cash transaction. Do I really need to purchase title insurance? I’m not even sure what it is. It seems like…

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