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What Are Real Estate Contingencies?

Question: Marsha, I am currently selling my home. A buyer made an offer and after negotiations we’ve settled on a price and closing date. It seems like there are quite a few buyer contingencies that need to be signed off.…

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What Does That Really Mean?

Question: Marsha, I just started my home search. I read ads for homes and I get excited about seeing the house in person. Often, I’m disappointed. The ads descriptions and the actual house are often worlds apart. For instance, what…

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Size Matters

Question: Marsha, my wife and I disagree about how big our next house needs to be. I think a three bedroom, two bath, 1,600 square foot house would be perfect.  She wants less of a carbon footprint and loves the…

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Digital agents

The Digital Real State Agent

Question: With the emergence of the internet and search technology, is a real estate agent really necessary in today’s world of buying and selling homes? What do you think?  Are agents going the way of the dinosaurs? Answer: Ouch! That…

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For Sale by Owner

Question: Marsha, my husband and I are in a situation where we want to sell our condominium for as much money as possible. We’d like to save the real estate commission and sell the home ourselves. Is there really any…

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